Privacy Policy

The privacy of our customer’s information is extremely important because our customers trust us with it! We don’t take that trust lightly so we prepared the following Policy to outline what we do and what we don’t do with the information our customers provide us.

  • We don’t sell the information we collect from our customers.
  • We only request the information we need to provide our customer’s with the products and services they request.
  • We respect our customer’s privacy when we market products and services. This means they decide when and what to participate in.
  • We never divulge customer information supplied by credit agencies, Credit Bureau’s.
  1. Purpose – The personal information requested from you, the customer, is used to establish credit, identification, comply with the law, and/or protect you from fraud. We do not sell your personal information and there will be no solicitations via e-mail, without notice and consent from you, the customer.
  2. Consent – We will always ask you, directly or through our authorized dealer, for your permission to request a credit report from a credit-reporting agency. Your consent may be expressed or implied.
  3. Limits for the Use of Personal Information – We may from time to time provide the credit bureau with credit information on our customers who have loans outstanding with us. We do this to ensure that reliable credit information is available to other credit granting companies you may choose to do business with.
  4. Limits for the Collection of Personal Information – We will collect the amount and type of information that is necessary and will use procedures that are fair and lawful in collecting the information. Although we will collect personal information primarily from customers, we also reserve the right to collect personal information from other sources, including credit bureaus, and other institutions which will aid in determining the credit limit for you, the customer.
  5. Accountability – Any problems arising from the use of personal information shall be the responsibility of the President and will be dealt with accordingly. However, others may act on behalf of the President in an effort to expedite resolutions for customer issues or concerns.
  6. Accessing Personal Information – Personal information on file will be provided to our customers within a reasonable timeframe unless it is unreasonably costly, or the information contains reference to other users, or there is legal, security, or commercial propriety reasons, or the information is subject to solicitor-client or litigation privilege. We unfortunately can not provide our customer’s with credit bureau files but can assist customer’s in accessing this information from the Bureau.
  7. Accuracy – We will endeavor to provide and maintain information that is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. We will work to ensure that any information that is not accurate is corrected quickly and that all information is secured to those employees authorized to use it.
  8. Limits to the Keeping of Personal Information – Customer information may be maintained indefinitely to meet legal or business requirements. Once the information is no longer required it will be destroyed in an appropriate manner that protects our customer privacy and ensures the information does not fall in the wrong hands.
  9. Safeguarding – Appropriate safeguards will be in place to ensure that all personal information is secured and properly deliberated. Safeguarding procedures shall include requiring all employees having access to the information to sign this Privacy Policy and securing access through the use of system passwords to authorized employees only.
  10. Laws and Regulations – Personal information will not be transferred to any party outside of Canada and therefore will be protected by Canadian laws and regulations.
  11. Policy Changes – We may, from time to time, add, change, or enhance this policy as required.
  12. Law Changes – If any part of this policy becomes contrary to the law, it will be deleted promptly.
  13. Questions and Complaints – Questions and Complaints related to the gathering and use of personal information on our Web Site. (